The most recent trip

The most recent trip to Haiti for 5 members of the Haiti Empowerment Project was all about relationships: cultivating relationships with a new community in Les Cayes, and sustaining the long-standing relationships with colleagues and friends in Croix des Bouquets.


The trip began with the long ride from Port-au-Prince to Fauge, Haiti where the 2014 Spring Break team will be stationed at a guest house and will work closely with community members and university students from Les Cayes, Haiti. During their time in Fauge, the team met with numerous faculty members at 4 different universities, a number of local community leaders, and dozens of teachers, in the hopes of building important initial relationships and determining how each may be able to collaborate with one another in the future.

Dr. Bucci and 2 additional OSU instructors led a preliminary professional development day with teachers from 6 surrounding schools, where they discussed instructional strategies with an eager group of dedicated educators, while Amanda (the OSU Solar Education and Outreach student representative) scouted possible locations and materials for the upcoming 2014 solar project.

The productive and successful December trip ended with a final professional development day where HEPs long-time colleagues from Croix-des-Bouquets gathered together for a full day of dialogue amongst teachers, sharing strategies for working collaboratively to increase student learning in the classroom.