Solar Education & Outreach Group

OSU'S Solar Education and Outreach Group was recently recognized with two distinguished awards - The Student Organization Programming Award and The Spirit of Ohio State Award.  This student organization has been involved with the Haiti Empowerment Project for three years now, and each year their involvement in Haiti grows.  Details about these two awards are listed below.


"In many respects, the success of student organization programming greatly contributes to creating the Extraordinary Student Experience at Ohio State.  The organization programming awards are designed to recognize student organizations which create and implement programs on campus related to five distinct categories of technology and the organization's effective and creative use of them:  websites, social media, blogging, video/photography, and other forms of technology that benefit their organization and/or campus community.

The Spirit of Ohio State Award recognizes students and/or student organizations that truly represent the values, traditions, and spirit of Ohio State through their engagement in and commitment to the campus community.  Ideal nominees are students and organizations which have added to the honor and pride of the University in a meaningful way."

Congratulations to our engineering students from the Solar Education and Outreach Group!