The Student Organization Project

March 03, 2014 – Written by The Student Organization Field Team

The goal of our project is to develop a culturally specific student life strategic plan for the Universite Notre Dame d’Haiti des Cayes. We will ask which aspects of the OSU student life model are relevant, and which need to be altered to fit the goals of a small, Catholic Haitian University branch campus. Through collaboration between our interdisciplinary majors and targeted use of our strengths, we will focus our efforts on student organizations per request of UNDH-C. Comparison of the vision of Ohio State and that of UNDH-C demonstrates a parallel in a focus on problem solving, though the former with a focus on knowledge and the later on ethics and morals. Pending interviews and discussions with students and the Dean of UNDH, we will discover how these values will guide the Student Life action plan in the context of our student peers. The successful implementation of these programs will inform the global community and that of Ohio State and provide an example of successful intercultural collaboration for the reciprocating benefit of developing and industrialized nations.