Education Project

February 27, 2014 – Written by Education Field Team

The Education field team will be spending most of our time focusing on professional development seminars and university seminars. We will begin our week observing classrooms and talking with teachers in rural Fauge, Haiti. We will be learning about teachers’ goals for their students and interests and needs for professional development. Our first goal is to determine some of the topics and issues the teachers and administration identified as important. We will hold a professional development day with six schools who started working with Dr. Bucci in December, 2013. After this several members of the field team will hold a seminar at a local university for students who are studying to be teachers. This seminar will focus on a topic chosen by the teacher education faculty of our partner institution in Les Cayes, Haiti. These topics and issues are being identified via email with the university dean. As individuals and as team members, the Education Field Group will work with Haitian teachers, teacher education students, administration and parents to best meet the needs of our Haitian colleagues and community partners.