Communications Project

March 04, 2013 – Written by Student Group
Communications Group
Group Members: Sarah Schmidt, Dillon Carr, Kurtis Donnersbach, and Lindsay Martin

From the time of our departure, we will be capturing videos and taking photographs of the Spring Break trip to Haiti. During our travel, we will be gathering students' expectations of the trip. Upon arriving, we will begin documenting the work of the Business, Education, and Engineering groups working alongside Haitian community leaders and members. Each member of the group will shadow a designated focus group each day while taking notes and helping with the various projects. At the end of each day, we will correspond with one another by sharing the notes, pictures, and video footage that we each obtained during that day. Periodically throughout the trip, we will also gather student testimonials of their experiences during the trip.

By the end of the week, we will be showing each group's progress over the course of the eight-day period, and with the footage we capture, we will make a documentary video to show the impact that the Haiti Empowerment Project has both on Haitian citizens and Ohio State University students as they work together.