Business Project

March 04, 2013 – Written by Student Group
Business Group
Group Members: Brina Maydock, Stephanie Boening, Danielle Short, and Liya Yi
Led by: Amber Scott

We have communicated via Skype and email with a Haitian seamstress business that would like consulting regarding the efficiency of their current practices and considerations on how to expand their business—which aims to alleviate poverty in the region it operates. Recommendations will be tailored to areas where there is concern within the business such as financial management and leadership. Information gathered from market research will also play a role in the analyses and suggestions for the business. There are currently thirteen skilled women and twenty students learning the trade in hopes of securing employment afterwards. The organization is located at a school in the city of Cazal, and there is no direct competition in the area. The products made include market bags and school clothes/uniforms.

We will spend our time thoroughly observing the current seamstress business practices (financial, operational, marketing, etc.), conducting field research of the market and competitive environment through visiting the Cazal and Cabaret markets, and presenting at a final seminar to provide recommendations on how to reinforce positive aspects of the business and how to take advantage of opportunities for growth.

Working with the Haitians involved in the seamstress business or people actively working in the markets will be critical to the outcome of this project. It will be the collaboration and the exchange of new ideas between these groups that will create positive changes in the business of the seamstresses.

We will also be working with the engineering group at a high school, and also putting on a business seminar for entrepreneurs from local towns. Both of these activities will involve the cooperation of various groups, whether they are interdisciplinary or international, and harnessing these differences in order to create innovative solutions or to gain new-found perspective will prove to be highly beneficial for those involved.