"Education should always be transformative and directive." -Paulo Freire

As future educators, we know that learning is a lifelong process. We spent our first couple of days here visiting schools, observing classrooms, interacting with students, and dialoging with educators and community members. What are overarching project has been is a professional development workshop with teachers that incorporate a variety of sessions with different topics that are relevant to education, both in and out of the classroom. Today (Wednesday), we had our first Professional Development with teachers from the schools that we had visited during the first two days (Germain, Sophie, Cazale).

Each member of the education team co facilitated interactive sessions for the teachers that included topics of Reading Strategies for Emerging Readers, Building Positive Relationships within the Classroom, Learning Styles, and Hands-On Learning with Science & Engineering.

We have two more Professional Development Workshops to do with others schools on Thursday, and then we will have one large one that will include all the schools on Saturday. These last two sessions will include sessions on other topics such as Assessment, Multiple Intelligence, Teaching Styles, and First Aid.

Our goal and purpose of the Professional Development is to collectively dialogue with teachers and share information and knowledge about the different methodologies and approaches to education.