Village of Fauge

In her most recent trip to Haiti, Dr. Terri Bucci, accompanied by OSU graduate student Pierre Lucien, visited a free community school in the small farming village of Fauge. The administrator of the school contacted Dr. Bucci after hearing of the Haiti Empowerment Project's work with teachers on focusing on critical thinking and discourse as teaching methods and also as using the Haitian language of Creole as a learning language.

While there, Dr. Bucci worked with the teachers for a few days on instructional strategies such as ideas of questioning, respecting student voice, and relationship building between the teacher and the students.

One of the main purposes of this visit was to search for areas in which OSU Education students could get involved with the school and teachers in Fauge during the Spring Break 2013 trip which will take place in March. During this trip, the education students will be able to further work with the teachers on the instructional strategies that Dr. Bucci introduced to them during her visit.