Student Positions

Stephanie Boening

Stephanie Boening
Logistics Coordinator
Logistics Major with Development Minor
The Logistics Coordinator for the Haiti Empowerment Project, works as a liaison between the field groups and the host organization. A great deal of preparation occurs with the field groups to determine key details that are important to our week in Haiti. Examples of these details include developing a master schedule for the overall group, determining which materials need to be purchased before departure or those that can be bought in-country, and the necessary items individual group members need to pack. The main goal of the logistics coordinator is to provide details to our host organization about the transportation and movement of the group while in the field. Another important collaborative detail is determining the number of translators necessary to facilitate each group project. It is with these details in mind that the Logistics Coordinator collaborates to ensure an overall smooth process.

Amanda Orlando

Amanda Orlando, Social Media Coordinator
Marketing Major
The Social Media Coordinator is taxed with engaging with the public as well as our own members in the preparation, in country experiences, and reflections of The Haiti Empowerment Project experience. This requires communication with each field group, along with individual HEP members to ensure that updated information is broadcasted daily. The main objective of the Social Media Coordinator is to share the Haiti Empowerment Project's excitement and successes with potential participants and current and future partners.