About Us

Empowerment for All

Empowerment For AllThe Haiti Empowerment Project brings together the intellectual and material resources of OSU and other U.S. faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students with Haitian counterparts to assist in the development and implementation of culturally relevant professional training.

One of the core Ohio State University values according to the Academic Plan is "making the world a better place and opening the world to our students.' Through the experiences of the faculty participating in this project, OSU students hear of the connections between culture, economics, and outreach. The result is a broadening of one's perceptions of the world and various cultures and an introduction of a vision of empowerment for global education in their own professional lives.

Progression of Work in Haiti

The bonds developed through The Empowerment Project are based on the needs of global community partners and the ability of OSU to best meet those needs through experienced faculty and graduate students. In the past few years, through mutual trust and respect, The Empowerment Project has grown in both application and vision, evolving from work with pilot schools to addressing the unique needs of Haitian Teacher Education through partnerships with Haitian universities and other nongovernmental organizations. The OSU Haiti Empowerment Project is now expanding the collaborative efforts to areas outside of Teacher Education; meeting the needs of our Haitian university collaborators in the areas of Business, Medicine, English Literature, and Engineering. This project has produced a vibrant, equally rewarding professional development model driven by a mutual desire for educational transformation.

Collaborating Partners

Collaborating PartnersThere are two Haitian partner universities for the Haiti Empowerment Project: CREFI (Center for Research in Education, Formation and Instruction) is an extension unit of the University of Notre Dame Haiti and Universite Caraibe (UC), a teacher education college in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Faculty and BA graduates from the partner universities attend and assist in the seminar courses. They then are able to revise and replicate the course in other areas of Haiti. This project provides faculty with an opportunity to work side by side with colleagues who are fighting the restraints of oppressive education.