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The Haiti Empowerment Project (HEP) uses collective resources to foster an environment for empowerment. We work in collaboration with Haitian universities, communities, and governmental/non-governmental entities to aid in empowerment through global problem solving.

Haiti Empowerment Project

Study Abroad Information Session

Monday, September 22 11:30am and Wednesday, September 24 12:00pm 

The Haiti Empowerment Project study abroad program gives students an opportunity to work alongside fellow students and Haitian locals to help serve the needs of others. While in Haiti, students may assist with developing primary education instruction, installing solar panels in schools (or other engineering related tasks), creating community organizations, and assisting entrepreneurs with financing new businesses. The program is open to students of all majors and backgrounds, and it will take place during spring break 2015. There will be a course in the spring to prepare students for the traveling portion of the program. Students will complete their experience by reflecting on their experience at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum upon return. For more information, please contact Leslie Callihan.

Location :Oxley Hall 122

Contact : Leslie Callihan (callihan.23@osu.edu)


To learn more about Haiti Empowerment Project's spring break 2015 trip, Click Here.

To sign up for the trip, go to http://buckeyelink.osu.edu/ and click on the "study abroad/application" tab



HEP2014 Projects

Electrical and Computer Engineering Project

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The Student Organization Project

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Sanitation and Water Purification Project

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Engineering Project

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Education Project

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